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List of Scientific Inventions

Aspirants preparing for the various competitive exams must note that the Static GK part of the General Awareness section is the most scoring section as no extra calculations or solutions have to be done for questions asked in this section. Thus, it is easier to score more for this part. Further, in this article, we bring to you the List of Scientific Inventions and Discoveries along with the name of the Inventor.

Given below is a List of Scientific Inventions and discoveries along with the name of the Inventor :

3D PrintingChuck Hill
AeroplaneOrville Wright and Wilbur Wright
AntisepticDr. Joseph Lister
AspirinDr. Felix Hoffman (Germany)
Atom BombJulius Robert Oppenheimer
BalloonJacques and Joseph Montgolfier (France)
BarCodeNorman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver 
BarometerE. Torricelli (Italy)
BicycleK. Macmillan (Scotland)
Bi-focal lensBenjamin Franklin (US)
BulletClaude Minie (France)
Calculating MachinePascal (France)
Carbon NanotubesSumio Iijima
CascadeHomi J. Bhabha
Center of GravityArchimedes
Centrigrade scaleA. Celsius (France)
ChronometerJohn Harrision (England)
Ceiling FanPhilip Diehl
CinemaA. L. Lumiere and J. L. Lumiere (France)
CinematographThomas Alva Edison (US)
Circulation of BloodWilliam Harvey
ComputerCharles Babbage (Britain)
Diesel EngineRudolf Diesel (Germany)
Electric LampThomas Alva Edison (USA)
ElectromagnetWilliam Sturgeon (England)
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday (Britain)
Elevator (lift)Elisha G. Otis (USA)
Fountain PenLewis E. Waterman (USA)
GPS (Global Positioning System)Roger L. Easton
GramophoneThomas Alva Edison (USA)
iPhonesSteve Jobs
Linux Operating SystemLinus Torvalds
Liquid Crystal DisplayGeorge H. Heilmeier
LogarithmJohn Napier (Scotland)
MicroscopeZ. Janssen (Netherlands)
Mobile PhoneMartin Cooper
Motor Car (Petrol)Karl Benz (Germany)
Motor CycleEdward Butler (Britain)
Printing MachineJohannes Gutenberg 
RadarDr. A. H. Taylor and L. C. Young (USA)
RadioG. Marconi (Italy)
RadioactivityAntoine-Henri Becquerel (France)
Raman EffectCV Raman
RevolverSamuel Colt (USA)
Steam EngineJames Watt (Scotland)
SubmarineD. Bushnell (USA)
Talking FilmWarner Bros (USA)
TelegraphSamuel B. Morse (USA)
TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell (USA)
TelevisionJohn Logie Baird (Britain)
ThermometerGalileo Galilei (Italy)
Three-Wheeled Motor CarKarl Benz
TransformerMichael Faraday (Britain)
TyreJ. B. Dunlop (Scotland)
Venn DiagramJohn Venn
Virtual Reality HeadsetIvan Sutherland
World Wide Web (WWW)Tim Berners-Lee
X-rayW. K. Roengton (Germany)

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