List of Scientific Inventions

Aspirants preparing for the various competitive exams must note that the Static GK part of the General Awareness section is the most scoring section as no extra calculations or solutions have to be done for questions asked in this section. Thus, it is easier to score more for this part. Further, in this article, we bring to you the List of Scientific Inventions and Discoveries along with the name of the Inventor.

Given below is a List of Scientific Inventions and discoveries along with the name of the Inventor :

Invention Inventor
3D Printing Chuck Hill
Aeroplane Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright
Antiseptic Dr. Joseph Lister
Aspirin Dr. Felix Hoffman (Germany)
Atom Bomb Julius Robert Oppenheimer
Balloon Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier (France)
BarCode Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver 
Barometer E. Torricelli (Italy)
Bicycle K. Macmillan (Scotland)
Bi-focal lens Benjamin Franklin (US)
Bullet Claude Minie (France)
Calculating Machine Pascal (France)
Carbon Nanotubes Sumio Iijima
Cascade Homi J. Bhabha
Center of Gravity Archimedes
Centrigrade scale A. Celsius (France)
Chronometer John Harrision (England)
Ceiling Fan Philip Diehl
Cinema A. L. Lumiere and J. L. Lumiere (France)
Cinematograph Thomas Alva Edison (US)
Circulation of Blood William Harvey
Computer Charles Babbage (Britain)
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel (Germany)
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison (USA)
Electromagnet William Sturgeon (England)
Electromagnetic Induction Michael Faraday (Britain)
Elevator (lift) Elisha G. Otis (USA)
Fountain Pen Lewis E. Waterman (USA)
GPS (Global Positioning System) Roger L. Easton
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison (USA)
iPhones Steve Jobs
Linux Operating System Linus Torvalds
Liquid Crystal Display George H. Heilmeier
Logarithm John Napier (Scotland)
Microscope Z. Janssen (Netherlands)
Mobile Phone Martin Cooper
Motor Car (Petrol) Karl Benz (Germany)
Motor Cycle Edward Butler (Britain)
Printing Machine Johannes Gutenberg 
Radar Dr. A. H. Taylor and L. C. Young (USA)
Radio G. Marconi (Italy)
Radioactivity Antoine-Henri Becquerel (France)
Raman Effect CV Raman
Revolver Samuel Colt (USA)
Steam Engine James Watt (Scotland)
Submarine D. Bushnell (USA)
Talking Film Warner Bros (USA)
Telegraph Samuel B. Morse (USA)
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell (USA)
Television John Logie Baird (Britain)
Thermometer Galileo Galilei (Italy)
Three-Wheeled Motor Car Karl Benz
Transformer Michael Faraday (Britain)
Tyre J. B. Dunlop (Scotland)
Venn Diagram John Venn
Virtual Reality Headset Ivan Sutherland
World Wide Web (WWW) Tim Berners-Lee
X-ray W. K. Roengton (Germany)

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